BendDesk is a Workstation And It’s Paving the Way For Future Workstations

Think about your current PC workspace and the way that you communicate with it. You compose on paper or type in documents on a level surface and utilize screens for review on a vertical surface. Regardless of whether both of these surfaces were touchscreens, moving documents between the surfaces would be a very tedious affair. Not only would having two screens separate data but it would also decrease direct control, since touch manipulation will be diminished. To be fair, that’s no more different than alternating between a tablet and a computer while working. It’s troublesome, tedious and you don’t want that to be a constant thing.

Luckily, BendDesk is a workstation and multitouch computer in one. The BendDesk deals with the issue that accompanies dragging from one surface to the next by including a bend where the two screens join. The bend, or curve, is a completely utilitarian piece of the touchscreen too and could fill in as a valuable region for a taskbar or placeholder. The work area is somewhat heavy in any case, and relies upon three cameras and two projectors to work but then that’s the cost of such an incredible idea.

The work area is ergonomically intended to satisfy the requirements of a regular work area, which means you can put objects like some espresso or a PC on it as you would your typical work area. And yes, there are a few cons such as the weight on this design but that’s because it’s still in the works. We’re sure when this new bit of technology is ready, it’ll be great. We’ll all buy it. It’s the future of workstations. Space limitations and cramped workplaces will be a thing of the past once this is out in the market. And we can’t wait for that to happen! Lets sum-up this editorial and it is now confirmed that BendDesk is a workstation and multitouch computer in one.